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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup is a Two-Step process and requires the initial procedure and a 6-8 week touch up to see the full results.
During each initial procedure, your brows will be shaped by drawing an outline with pencil before starting the permanent makeup. Your shape will be made completely custom to you, measured by your bone structure and facial features.
It is normal after the initial procedure to have some pigment loss or just uneven and patchy brows. This is why a touch up 6-12 weeks after the initial treatment is just as important.
If you're unsure which technique is best for you, please email a well lit photo to asking which will be best fit for your skin type or amount of hair.
Permanent makeup is a cosmetic tattoo that is designed to fade over time. When you see a professional pmu artist, they do not & should not go as deep into the skin as traditional tattoos. Considering this, permanent makeup is Semi-Permanent. Continuous touch ups are recommended between 12-24 months, otherwise, over time your permanent makeup will be faint and disappear due to natural exfoliation of the skin.


The high quality pigments used are a very important part in the process. Used in your appointment are only synthetic pigments that are vegan and cruelty free. These pigments are also free of heavy metals and do not turn your brows to any funny colors over time (blues, greys, reds, etc.) and will only fade to a lighter version of the color originally used.

There are no reports of allergic reactions from this ink/pigment.

Brow Techniques

$50 Deposit Required When Booking



Microblading is manually created with a handheld tool to create hair-like strokes. Each stroke resembles real hair and seamlessly blends in with existing eyebrow hair.  Microblading  is meant to be a subtle and natural enhancement to create fuller and more beautiful brows. This technique is best for people who have natural brow hairs but want to achieve fuller, defined and perfectly shaped eyebrows. Good for young, healthy and dry to normal skin. Not good for oily skin. If you have oily skin or large pores near your brows, please refer to powder or combination brows.

$50 Deposit Required When Booking

Combination Brows


Combination Brows (aka Hybrid Brows) are a combination of Microblading & Shading. This option is best if you also love the look of both microblading and powder brows and if you do not have a lot of natural brow hair as it will give them a fuller appearance. This will give you the natural look of microblading with added fullness from shading to blend your brow hairs seamlessly throughout. Hybrid brows are great for ALMOST all skin types and any amount of existing brow hair. If you have oily skin, this can be a good technique for you, however, if you have large pores near your brows, please refer to powder brows.

$50 Deposit Required When Booking

Powder Brows


Powder Brows (aka Shading, Ombre Brows, Insta Brows) is a look created by implanting pigment to create a soft powdery appearance, almost like a brow tint. This can be as natural looking or as dramatic, as you specify. Powder brows are great for all skin types including oily skin and for any amount of existing brow hair. This technique is also the best option if you have old permanent makeup that needs correcting or to be covered up. If you have thin skin, oily skin or large pores near your brows, this is the best option for you.

Brow Rework


$100 Deposit Required When Booking

This technique is for anyone who has existing permanent makeup and is a new client.

Rework includes correcting the color of pigment and reshaping.

The technique will be consulted at the beginning of the appointment so we can choose the best one for your skin and previous permanent makeup.

Annual Touch Up/Color Boost

I have set aside annual touch up appointments that do not reflect on my website. These appointments are set up directly through me via email and are often sooner than what dates will appear online.

You must wait until your brows have faded at least 50% before receiving another touch up.

To schedule your annual touch up, please email a clear photo of your brows using your backside camera, preferably in daylight for approval.

Within 6-8 Weeks of Your Last Appointment - $75

Within 8-12 Weeks of Your Last Appointment - $100

Within 3-6 Months of Your Last Appointment - $150

Within 6-9 Months of Your Last Appointment - $225

Within 9-12 Months of Your Last Appointment - $285

Within 12-18 Months of Your Last Appointment - $325

Within 18-24 Months of Your Last Appointment - $400

After 2 Years with no touch ups - Full Price

Services & Pricing


Deposit to Book

A $50 deposit is required in order book and confirm your appointment. Please note that all deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you need to reschedule, you will need to make a new deposit. The deposit is to ensure you are serious about booking your appointment and will be deducted from your overall cost. 


The $50 deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. A new deposit will need to be paid to reschedule. If you need to reschedule/cancel less than 48 hours before your appointment, you will be charged 50% the amount of the service booked before being allowed to reschedule to a later date. It is difficult for me to fill in your time slot you have reserved with a short notice.

If you cancel the day of your appointment or no-show, you will be charged the FULL amount of the service booked.

I will not accept you in the future if you decide to no-show an appointment.


Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes late to your scheduled appointment. Being more than 10 minutes late to your appointment will result in a cancellation and will be considered a no-show and you will be charged the FULL amount of the service scheduled.

Please factor in weather conditions and allow plenty of time to account for traffic.

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